About Ed Map

Ed Map is a content strategy and logistics company. We were established in 2001 with the vision of serving higher education through service and technology. Our founders sought to bring effective learning content into the classroom through products and systems not dependent on the traditional textbook.

Ed Map is grounded in our years of service, and inspired and ready to use our innovative spirit and collaborative approach to solve the many challenges to course materials affordability and access. Read how we’re evolving the supply chain.

Our technology, people and processes support our mission to increase the value of educational content by simplifying its discovery, management and delivery. Our mission is aligned with the goals of colleges and universities to enhance the teaching and learning environment – and we are convinced that an effective course materials strategy can play an important role in this process.

Our Technology: OPENVUE®

Integrated to publishers, content sources, learning management systems and student information systems, OPENVUE provides one unified platform to manage the course materials lifecycle. From discovery of effective course materials, through adoption and fulfillment, OPENVUE seamlessly connects content to learners; data to decision makers; and streamlines administration processes.

Services: ADVISOR

Ed Map‘s ADVISOR umbrella covers a range of services to support educational institutions. Featuring content strategy development and implementation assistance, ADVISOR services also provide assistance with management review and business process re-engineering, project management, and course materials partnerships and workflows management.

Outstanding Support Services

Reflecting our holistic approach to educational content, Ed Map is structured to support the success of all participants in that ecosystem – including students, faculty, administrators, and content providers.

CURATE by Ed Map™

Our CURATE by Ed Map Professional service builds on our extensive experience supporting faculty and curriculum developers to create convenient and cost-effective course packs. Our experts search OER, multimedia, and other enhanced, enriched and governed content options to discover options to that can support institutions’ affordability strategies and learning objectives.

Our Technology + Services = Solutions

Ed Map offers comprehensive services for higher education institutions. Our solutions are tailored to each institution’s specific goals and needs.



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