Achieving the Future of Course Materials

New Webinar: An All-In Approach to Course Materials Affordability and Access

Listen and learn while Ed Map’s  partner institution, Hodges University, discusses their journey to a mission-aligned course materials strategy in a webinar conducted on March 27, 2017. The recorded webinar is here:

Ed Map AIMs to support Hodges University’s goals of student affordability and success with the Ed Map All-In-Model™ (AIM) in which all students receive digital course materials at substantially reduced costs on or before the first day of class.

Listen in while Ed Map’s Regional Sales Director Nate Rowe and Hodges University’s Erica M. Vogt, Executive Vice President of Administrative Operations; Noah Lamb, Director of Student Accounts and Auxiliary Services  and Carol Morrison, Senior Vice President of Student & Academic Services, discuss how;

  • Ed Map provided solutions to Hodges content needs
  • Their successful digital migration & change management occurred
  • We work together in partnership
  • Hodges expected outcomes matched their actual outcomes!

Ed Map has a vision for future course materials.

We believe course materials will be primarily digital, mostly integrated in the course, priced at a reasonable cost, tightly aligned with learning objectives, and will support teaching and learning. Ed Map offers solutions to support campuses as they evolve from their current use of course materials to this future state.

  • Our revolutionary new Platform as a Service business model means that Ed Map does not mark up the cost of course materials from the publisher or content provider. Ed Map provides its platform and services for a fee and facilitates the transition to digital materials and improved affordability.
  • OPENVUE® – Ed Map’s course materials management platform – enables the bookstore or institution to earn a percentage of the sale and support campus revenue goals by including a markup when setting the cost for students.
  • OPENVUE can provide students with a choice of content formats and provides an opt-out capability that supports the DOE requirement for inclusive access programs such as the Ed Map All-In Model™ (AIM).
  • OPENVUE can be integrated with campus systems to charge the cost of course materials to student accounts and apply available financial aid. Ed Map provides an inexpensive POD (Print on Demand) option to support the transition to digital. The POD version can be charged to the Bursar account automatically if the student chooses it.
  • Ed Map is platform-agnostic and supports leading eBook platforms such as RedShelf and Vital Source.
  • OPENVUE supports the use of LTI to integrate with the LMS to provide student access to learning materials from within the institution’s learning environment.
  • Ed Map services can facilitate the conversion of campus booklists to digital by working with publishers to be sure all materials are available in the timeframe needed.

Ed Map can work with you and your campus bookstore to achieve the future of course materials.

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