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Educational content is more plentiful, and offered in more formats, than ever. The plethora of options has created an increasingly high-stakes and complex challenge: how do institutions find, select and deliver affordable, effective materials to learners at the right time?

Over the course of fulfilling course materials for millions of students, Ed Map has acquired insights and experience to assist educational institutions through its ADVISOR service.

Our ADVISOR umbrella covers a range of services.

Strategic Consulting – Content Strategy

Ed Map will work with you to devise and implement the optimal course materials strategy to fulfill your institution’s goals that can include a thorough review of current selection, acquisition and distribution processes, staff and vendors.

Ed Map can also help you manage the relationships between content owners and institutional stakeholders, e.g., assist you select vendors and advise you on negotiation strategies.

If you are going digital, Ed Map can provide training and education for faculty and students about the benefits to them. Ed Map helps you identify, segment and phase in student cohorts that are good candidates for digital, open resources. We also offer a low-cost print-on-demand (POD) option for students or faculty who are not yet ready for digital.

Strategic Consulting – Management Review and Business Process Re-Engineering

With Ed Map, you can be confident that your students can obtain and access the content you’ve selected to help them succeed academically. Our advisors can study your current course materials processes and workflows to identify gaps and inefficiencies; this can entail a thorough review of your current selection, acquisition and distribution processes, staff and vendors.

Business Process Outsourcing – Project Management

Ed Map has a solid record in helping develop, execute and support your digital and custom course materials strategies. We pay particular attention to change management activities whose absence threatens the success of the initiatives.

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