Do all of your students have timely access to affordable and quality course materials?

Traditional textbooks, for many reasons such as convenience, widespread availability, authority, production values, supplementary materials, etc., remain the prevalent choice for course materials today. Despite the fact that their prices keep rising. (According to a review of Bureau of Labor Statistics data, textbook prices have risen 1,041% – over three times the rate of inflation – from January 1977 to June 2015.)

In response, used books – and, more recently, rental copies – are often touted as the low-cost solution to high prices. Students have adopted other alternatives, too: going without (estimated at 25%); finding illegal copies and downloads; using older versions; etc. And an estimated 50% of sales are online, with students bypassing the official school bookstore. Unless, of course, their financial aid is tied to the bookstore – often a more expensive option.

In response to decreasing sales of new textbooks, publishers continue to produce new editions priced even higher to capture earlier lost revenues.

Schools have lost control of course materials distribution and usage. The primary mission to support student success and learning has been compromised. It’s a world where everybody suffers and no one wins.

It’s an affordability dilemma.

Ed Map’s vision for a healthy content ecosystem provides several solutions to this affordability dilemma. Ed Map can help your institution develop and implement the one that best meets your needs and goals. For example:

  • You can regain control of course materials distribution, usage and prices by adopting Ed Map AIM that provides course materials to all students.
  • You can undertake a digital migration.
  • You can take advantage of the expanded range of content options – e.g., disaggregated, open, OER, web, adaptive platforms, etc., — as well as the new content developers, owners, licenses and distributors.
  • Ed Map’s Platform as a Service business model aligns with your institution’s efforts to reduce the costs of course materials.

Take control of the chaos. Contact Ed Map. Start solving your students’ affordability dilemma.

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