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Michael Mark

Michael Mark
Ed Map CEO

Teacher, learner, strategist, implementer, leader and co-founder of Ed Map, Dr. Mark has overall responsibility for Ed Map’s success. He has been aptly described as an educator who became a serial entrepreneur through need. Nearly 20 years ago, as the director of adult learning services at a major state institution, he recognized that his distance learning students needed a better way to get their course materials. (This was in the days before there was an Internet in commercial use.) Two companies later, he is credited with starting this industry and, along with his valued colleagues, continues to set industry benchmarks. He holds a doctorate in adult education from the University of Georgia. As an author, consultant and college instructor he has been in the trenches and those valuable experiences inform the structure and culture of Ed Map. His mantra, “It’s the service, not the book” is the distinguishing feature of his companies.

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