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Sarah Riddlebarger

Sarah Riddlebarger
Chief Operating Officer

Sarah joined Ed Map in 2008 to help execute a strategic initiative to offer digital content to Ed Map customers. Since then, Sarah has filled a variety of roles, from leading teams that serve customers and work with partners, to acting as an embedded product owner as the development team transitioned to Agile. As Chief Operating Officer of Ed Map, Sarah is most excited about sponsoring cross-functional teams and uncovering better ways of serving Ed Map’s customers.

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Be Among the First to Try Ed Map’s New Software!

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Over the years, there have been plenty of things that have changed in our shared educational space. New technologies, new ed-tech companies, and new higher-ed institutions. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is how excited folks are when we talk to them about developing software and services to help academicians discover content fast and easy. We are pleased to announce our CURATE by Ed Map™ beta software program! From the start, one of Ed Map’s founders, Michael Mark (Max to all his friends), had a vision for CURATE by Ed Map. What began as a consultative professional service,…


Defending the Value of Education


“Nearly 70 Colleges Team Up to Assess Student Learning” published by Inside Higher Education, notes the collaboration among institutions to effectively measure student learning outcomes using a common set of rubrics. One of the themes of this article and its underlying press release is that a positive byproduct of the project – an initiative called the Multi-State Collaborative to Advance Learning Outcomes Assessment – could be to demonstrate the value of education whose value has been questioned by many pundits as the costs of education continue to rise. As traditional higher ed girds its loins for a…


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