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Sarah Riddlebarger

Sarah Riddlebarger
Vice President, Product and Strategy

Since joining ED MAP in April 2008, Sarah has continued a career fundamentally grounded in customer service supporting client growth and retention activities. As vice president of solutions and services, Sarah is responsible for supporting ED MAP’s client relationships. She oversees all aspects of client-facing ED MAP activities including ED MAP ADVISOR, client management teams and student support. Her teams support clients in developing content strategies as well as all aspects of course materials acquisition and distribution – with a special focus on strategic course materials management, digital migration planning and project management.

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Defending the Value of Education


“Nearly 70 Colleges Team Up to Assess Student Learning” published by Inside Higher Education, notes the collaboration among institutions to effectively measure student learning outcomes using a common set of rubrics. One of the themes of this article and its underlying press release is that a positive byproduct of the project – an initiative called the Multi-State Collaborative to Advance Learning Outcomes Assessment – could be to demonstrate the value of education whose value has been questioned by many pundits as the costs of education continue to rise. As traditional higher ed girds its loins for a…


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