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Be Among the First to Try Ed Map’s New Software!
By Sarah Riddlebarger

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Over the years, there have been plenty of things that have changed in our shared educational space. New technologies, new ed-tech companies, and new higher-ed institutions. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is how excited folks are when we talk to them about developing software and services to help academicians discover content fast and easy.

We are pleased to announce our CURATE by Ed Map™ beta software program!

From the start, one of Ed Map’s founders, Michael Mark (Max to all his friends), had a vision for CURATE by Ed Map. What began as a consultative professional service, matching course materials to an institution’s unique course requirements and learning objectives, is now poised to be a proactive software tool to help institutions curate educational content. And that’s right in line with what Max has fostered in us: “Just be useful,” he always says.

With CURATE by Ed Map software, we can share our database of content-to-learning outcome relationships we have curated since the beginning and open it to the world. Of course, there will always be room for polished publisher content. However, this new Ed Map software will easily aggregate and organize content from across the web.

Instructional designers, course developers, and librarians will have the power to quickly find, catalog, and manage open educational resources and web course content. Automatically aligning selected digital content to course objectives with an intuitive and straightforward user experience. And easily export content adoption data. That’s a game changer.

Let’s do this together! We invite you to be among the first to get a sneak peek, try out new features, and give feedback to help shape the final version of CURATE by Ed Map before it’s released.

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Sarah Riddlebarger

Sarah Riddlebarger
Chief Operating Officer

Sarah joined Ed Map in 2008 to help execute a strategic initiative to offer digital content to Ed Map customers. Since then, Sarah has filled a variety of roles, from leading teams that serve customers and work with partners, to acting as an embedded product owner as the development team transitioned to Agile. As Chief Operating Officer of Ed Map, Sarah is most excited about sponsoring cross-functional teams and uncovering better ways of serving Ed Map’s customers.

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