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Discovery: The Top 3 Benefits to Course Materials Ordering You Didn’t Know
By Mark Christensen

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Here’s a common course materials scenario. Let’s say your student signs up for ENG-102 for the upcoming semester. And the course materials for that class include the textbook “Grammar Essentials.” But wait! Didn’t the student already purchase that text for the previous course, ENG-101? It can be confusing and frustrating, but it doesn’t need to be.

You want to ensure a positive experience during the course materials ordering process for you and your students. But how?

It’s a question I asked Andrea Thogmartin, one of Ed Map’s Account Success Managers. She knows how OPENVUE®, our cloud-based platform, can get course materials at the right price, at the right time, to the right students.

Watch the quick video below and learn from Andrea as she shares how our Duplicate Checking functionality saves students money, eliminates administrative error, and reduces course material overlap!


Ed Map’s course materials management platform, OPENVUE, uses Duplicate Checking at the order upload level. Materials are prevented from being uploaded into a student’s shopping cart or shipped to a student who has already received that material within the last 12 months.

The start of a new semester is hectic enough, and your students have plenty to juggle. Eliminating confusion and saving money during the course materials ordering process is an excellent way to support your students’ success. And it’s an easy way for your institution to ensure your students have a positive experience right from the start.

Here’s a three benefits Duplicate Checking gives your institution during the order upload process:

#1 Saves Money
Whether the institution or its students are responsible for the cost of materials, Duplicate Checking ensures money and time are not wasted by preventing unneeded purchases and subsequent returns.

#2 Eliminates Human Error
Duplicate Check tracks a student’s order automatically and provides an accurate record of what has been ordered. So there’s no need for your students to wonder, “Do I have this course material already?” Institutions can even generate reports on it.

#3 Reduces Course Material Overlap
Institutions need not be concerned about course material overlap within a series of courses, across programs, or even across material type (print or digital).

This all matters because your students want quick, accurate, and of course hassle-free access to their course materials. Duplicate Checking saves time, money, and frustration –  term after term. Giving your institution an edge during the ordering process.

Ed Map’s Andrea Thogmartin has worked with many institutions in her role as Account Success Manager. She sums it up this way:

“Institutions that see the course materials ordering process as an opportunity to support their students in a positive way have the advantage. They know their students have enough to worry about and ordering course materials should never be a concern for them. The Duplicate Check feature in OPENVUE allows institutions to leverage the benefits of a hassle-free order upload. That’s always a win for the student and the institution.”

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Mark Christensen

Mark Christensen
Senior Director of Marketing

Mark Christensen has worked in K–12 and higher education in various roles throughout his career from teacher to administrator to ed-tech marketing communications. He currently works with Ed Map, helping institutions navigate today’s dynamic and changing content landscape. He holds his MBA in Marketing from Rivier University and his Ed.D. in Curriculum & Technology from Plymouth State University/Argosy.

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