Digital Migrations

Ed Map’s founders were industry leaders in foreseeing the impact that digital materials would have on the educational content ecosystem. They recognized great possibilities for reduced costs, assured student access to course materials to help them succeed, and an improved, more robust learning environment. They also knew that those possibilities depended on an institution implementing a systematic strategy, an approach they called a digital migration.

Over the past twelve years Ed Map has been a trusted partner in helping institutions reap the benefits of successful digital migrations. With the ecosystem’s changing options, we have refined our digital migration methodology but continue to work closely with institutions to develop a digital migration strategy that addresses each institution’s unique goals and objectives. And change management activities have always been addressed.

In short, Ed Map is your guide to successfully transitioning your campus from print to digital so your community can thrive in the digital world.

How can a digital migration benefit your campus community?

Digital materials offer benefits that print textbooks can’t.

  • Reading Analytics. Using eTextbooks’ reader analytics, faculty can more easily identify and assist struggling students. Faculty and administrators can also use data to evaluate the efficacy of learning materials.
  • Digital Literacy. Working with digital materials strengthens students’ digital literacy, an important 21st Century skill.
  • Immediate Access. With no delays in getting course materials, students can engage with course content on or before day one.
  • Seamless Integrations. The provisioning process is streamlined by connecting with institutions’ SIS, LMS, financial aid and business intelligence systems. Similar processes – including LTI integrations – expedite access to resources.
  • Social Engagement. Students interact with faculty and peers using collaborative tools.

Navigating the Shift to Digital

Going digital does involve change – from how course materials are acquired to how they are used to study and to support teaching. Significant change is rarely easy. Ed Map provides education, training, technology and expertise to help your students, faculty and staff enjoy the benefits of digital tools and navigate the digital migration successfully.

Faculty Choice

When you go digital, faculty retain their academic freedom to select the course materials for their class. Ed Map Services support your transition by working with publisher partners to fulfill faculty adoptions in digital formats. This requires meticulous planning and coordination.

Student Choice

Ed Map’s OPENVUE platform provides options to students who aren’t yet fully comfortable with digital: they can, for example, upgrade to print or can select an inexpensive Print-on-Demand (POD) companion to the digital book. OPENVUE also enables students to opt out of its All-In Model™ (AIM) to comply with DOE regulations.

Technology and Operational Transformation

Ed Map provides expertise, technology and services you need to relieve your institutional resources through its OPENVUE® platform and ADVISOR and Support Services.

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