Assured course content access for all students to support their academic success should be a no-brainer. But that’s not what’s happening at most institutions today.

Since our founding in 2001, Ed Map has helped educational institutions reduce the costs of course materials while assuring their students’ access to them.

A particularly effective strategy that we have helped many institutions to develop and adopt is our All IN MODEL® or AIM; AIM reflects our holistic approach to the content ecosystem. With AIM, institutions provide all students with their required course materials, paid for via tuition or course materials fees.

We have focused our technology and developed our processes to support this AIM.

See how students can access course materials from within the learning environment utilizing OPENVUE’s LTI integration:

Ed Map’s All-In Model® (AIM) service ensures all students have course materials on or before the first day of class.

How does it work? The AIM flow is simple:

  • Faculty/curriculum developers select course materials
  • Ed Map assists institutions’ work with publishers to set AIM pricing
  • Ed Map assures all content is available before the first day of class
  • Students use OPENVUE® tools to access their course materials and select options such as POD print companions all before the first day of class
  • Students may opt-out* and obtain materials independently
  • Financial aid is applied or student accounts are charged after add/drop closes
  • Ensuring students have the course materials helps create an effective learning environment that benefits both faculty and students.

*Effective July 1, 2016, new Department of Education regulations guide how institutions may charge course materials to student accounts. One of these rules requires providing students the ability to opt out of the fee.

With Ed Map’s AIM, learning materials return to the dominion of teaching and learning. All students receive assigned learning materials before the first day of class, the cost is billed to the student account, and financial aid is used where applicable. In many cases, interactive digital content is used, lowering costs, increasing engagement, improving outcomes, and providing learner analytics and reporting. The cost of materials is reduced by 50% or greater.

With the Ed Map AIM, Everyone Wins.

And that includes the institution itself. With fewer students shopping at the campus bookstore, revenues that institutions had counted on earning continue to decline. AIM can reverse that trend:


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