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Press Release: Norwich University’s College of Graduate and Continuing Studies Partners with Ed Map to Drive Course Materials Affordability and Access

Ed Map Business Model and Services Align with College’s Goals for Student Success

Nelsonville, OH, June 7, 2016 – Norwich University’s College of Graduate and Continuing Studies (CGCS), in Northfield, VT, has partnered with Ed Map, Inc. to provide its online students with course materials services. This decision is another validation of Ed Map’s ongoing development of its product roadmap and its customer service focus, as well as Ed Map’s pioneering Platform as a Service (PaaS) business model. The College, which provides all online students with course materials by the first day of class, will be utilizing the All-In Model by Ed Map (AIM) product.

“Ed Map is an organization that views itself as our partner in what they do,” CGCS Associate Dean Debra Wick said. “Importantly, Ed Map’s holistic approach to course materials closely aligns with our business model and philosophy of student support. With Ed Map we’ll be able…

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Press Release: Ed Map Accelerates Textbook Affordability and Access for Higher Education

Ed Map offerings align university missions with evolving content supply chain

Nelsonville, OH, April 18, 2016 – Ed Map, Inc. is answering widespread calls for affordable course materials with a pioneering new business model, and expansion of its content curation services, that further aligns itself with university missions of access and affordability. An Appalachian-based education technology company offering next-generation bookstore software and services, Ed Map is leveraging its 14 years of experience serving large, scaled online programs as well as their proprietary OPENVUE® course materials management platform, to provide institutions with flexibility, control, and access to emerging content types. With its innovative solutions and business model, Ed Map is challenging assumptions of many in higher education that the primary way to reduce course materials costs is to send students unsupported to the open market for used and rental traditional textbooks.

Ed Map has developed an industry-first Platform as a Service (PaaS)…

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Ed Map Joins IMS Global Learning Consortium

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Ed Map Joins IMS Global Learning Consortium Sharing Insights and Technology Standards to Enable Better Digital Learning Experiences

Nelsonville, OH, April 13, 2016 – Ed Map, Inc., seeking to accelerate the disruption of the traditional educational content supply chain through new technology and services, has joined IMS Global Learning Consortium in support of that effort. By financially supporting the non-profit organization, Ed Map joins a community committed to collaboratively inventing the future of educational and learning technology.

Ed Map’s mission is to increase the value of educational content by simplifying its discovery, management and delivery. The company believes the future of course materials is mostly digital and integrated in the course, aligned with learning objectives, supports teaching and learning – and provided at an affordable cost. “Our IMS Global membership serves to formally align our respective visions,” says Ed Map President and…

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Agora Charter Cyber School chooses Ed Map to procure and manage educational materials

Partnership supports Agora’s commitment to innovation and technology

Ed Map, Inc. is pleased to announce its new partnership with Agora Cyber Charter School. Agora will use Ed Map’s services and technology to enable its students to acquire the textbooks and other educational materials they need.

Agora Cyber Charter School is a tuition-free public virtual charter school serving more than 9,000 Pennsylvania students in Kindergarten through 12th grade under the authorization of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Paul DeAngelo, Agora CFO says, “We believe that by working with  Ed Map, we’ll be able to supply our students and staff with the  highest quality materials at the most reasonable cost. And in this  current state of a budget impasse, it is more important…

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Capella University partners with ED MAP, Inc. for course materials management services

Partnership supports Capella’s commitment to educational innovations

Nelsonville, OH, February 10, 2015 – ED MAP, Inc. has announced a new partnership that will assist Capella University respond to the changing needs and expectations for higher education institutions. ED MAP is a content strategy and logistics company, supporting over 100 institutions and 1 million students. ED MAP’s OPENVUE® platform and supporting services will enable Capella University to find, manage, and deliver innovative and engaging course content to learners via an student portal integrated with their SIS and LMS systems. OPENVUE fulfills Capella University’s need for an enterprise-level learning content management system that goes well beyond merely supporting the resale of, or access to, content from traditional and secondary markets.

According to ED MAP President and COO Kerry S. Pigman, “Capella’s commitment to supporting learners is explicit in their mission statement, promising ‘innovative programs that are responsive to the needs of adult learners…

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