WCET 28th Annual Meeting

  • 14
  • October, 2016

Ed Map is a sponsor of this year’s WCET Annual Meeting. Additionally, Ed Map will be participating in a double session, How Open Educational Resources are Being Used and Implemented. Part 1 of the session kicks off at 2:15 pm on Wednesday, October 12 in Ballroom 3. Eszti Major-Rohrer, Ed Map’s Director of Product and Service Management, will be part of a five-member panel that will be discussing how institutions are adopting open content and resources as one way to improve course materials’ accessibility, affordability, and efficacy. CURATE by Ed Map™-client Thomas Edison State University, represented by Matthew Cooper, Associate Provost of its Center for Learning and Technology, is also on the panel and will be discussing how they are using CURATE by Ed Map.

Part 2 of the session follows at 3:15 pm. It will comprise a number of facilitated roundtable discussions among attendees who are at a similar stage of OER adoption and implementation initiatives.

Ed Map is also facilitating a focus group, CURATE: How do you evaluate educational content during the discovery and adoption process? on Thursday afternoon from 3:15 – 4:15 in room Pine/Cedar/Birch/Maple. We are seeking insight, leadership and best practices to inform our development of our new CURATE by Ed Map product’s Evaluation feature. If you are a faculty member, instructional designer, program director or manager, etc. who is involved in the selection, evaluation, and adoption of content, or have strong opinions on how your teams should evaluate content to meet educational and financial goals, please contact us to request an invitation to join the discussion.

Ed Map’s President and COO Kerry S. Pigman, Chief Revenue Officer Shannon Meadows, Vice President of Sales Andrew Herd, Vice President of Solutions and Services Sarah Riddlebarger and National Director of Sales & Client Development Jason Fields will also be in attendance throughout and would be happy to schedule a get-together with other attendees during the annual meeting.