Evolving the Supply Chain

Ed Map believes the future of course materials is mostly digital and integrated in the course, at an affordable price, aligned with learning objectives, and supports teaching and learning. How do we chart the course from here to there?

Ed Map was established in 2001 on a vision of serving higher education through services and technology. The co-founders wanted to bring effective learning content into the classroom through products and systems not dependent on the traditional textbook, and started building a course materials management platform that became OPENVUE®.

By 2008 the ever-higher costs of the educational content ecosystem had given rise to digital and rental textbooks as alternatives to new and used print versions. Within the following years, the ecosystem continued to evolve, encompassing increasing numbers of content options, e.g., traditional textbooks, disaggregated, open, OER, web, adaptive platforms, etc., as well as increasing numbers of content developers, owners, licenses and distributors.

In response, Ed Map launched its integrated content network (ICN) with leading eTextbook platforms to allow seamless student access to digital content. Since then, additional partners for online testing, virtual science kits, and traditional new, used and rental textbooks have continued to increase the ICN’s role in evolving the supply chain and replacing outmoded fulfillment models. Today, Ed Map’s ICN connects clients and students to content through OPENVUE’s integrations with leading LMS and SIS systems, providing an efficient channel for new and established content providers.

Institutions have become increasingly responsive to Ed Map’s message of change as Ed Map has transformed from an online bookstore to an enterprise solution for learning content management.

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