A Healthy Content Ecosystem Benefits All Stakeholders

Today’s content ecosystem is in transition and failing those – students, faculty, institutions, legacy bookstores and content providers – it was designed to serve.

There is a path to counteract these undercurrents: Ed Map has developed and adopted a holistic approach that serves the needs of all stakeholders. It is built on several key beliefs including:

  • A comprehensive course materials strategy should serve all stakeholders – faculty, students, administrators and content providers.
  • Better teaching and learning can occur when all students have access to course materials on day one.
  • Faculty should easily find content that is both high-quality and affordable.
  • Technology should support teacher-student relationships.
  • Technology can provide higher levels of support services with greater efficiency.
  • The cost of content should be separated from the true costs of providing the course materials and related services to institutions and students

Our Vision for a World in which All Stakeholders Benefit

female-student--in-college-libraryStudents pay less for course materials, receive them before the start of class, enjoy the benefits of interactive and adaptive digital learning tools, improve performance, and obtain learning content from within their learning environment such as the LMS.


faculty member at workFaculty easily select course materials from a range of options including publisher print or digital resources and ancillary materials such as test banks as well as Open Educational Resources (OER). Content is more readily available in content chunks suited to addressing specific course topics or outcomes.

Institutions and administrators regain control of learning materials selection and distribution to improve students’ academic success, provide better tools for faculty to strengthen the faculty-student academic relationship, obtain reporting to analyze program effectiveness, identify at-risk students early to enable interventions, and regain a revenue stream to support student programs.

shutterstock_127686935Content creators participate as partners, able to better serve community needs by offering digital and interactive formats, adaptive tools and analytics for feedback on efficacy and identifying at-risk students who may need help.


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