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Are course materials just an “Auxiliary Service” to student success?

We help you bring course materials back home where they belong: as an integral part of your teaching and learning environment.

Ed Map Higher Ed Solutions Help Support Student Success

  • Affordability. Develop and implement a course materials strategy that reduces costs for all stakeholders.
  • Convenience. Provide one site to provision all course materials, including print textbooks (new, used rental, POD), eTextbooks, OER, ancillary learning materials, course supplies, etc.
  • User friendly. The student experience for obtaining course materials is highly configurable and customizable to your environment and strategy. Students can log in and see exactly what they need, and you can control pricing, structure, business rules, messaging, etc.
  • Simplified access. Single Sign-On (SSO) streamlines student access to course materials.
  • Flexible business models. Institutions can apply different business models to different student groups. Student-pay models apply financial aid when available. Ed Map’s All-In Model can support student choice for digital or print – while fulfilling DOE student opt-out requirements.

Other Ed Map solutions include:

Digital Migration Services CURATE Services

And all Ed Map solutions feature:

  • Dedicated account management
  • Tier 1 technical support
  • Call center
  • eLearning support
  • Inventory management

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