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Discovery: How Do You Know You Have Quality OER?

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Eureka! You have discovered what everyone has been talking about: Open Educational Resources (OER). And you’re excited to offer students an affordable course materials option and ensure they have what they need on or before the start of class. It’s going to be a great move from the old textbook paradigm. You’re ready to go.

But before you take the next step, do you know how to find high-quality OER? The quality open digital content that will support your institution’s mission to offer a better learning experience, empower your students, and ultimately lead to degree completion?

To find out, I checked in…


Discovery: 4 Tips to Know for a Smooth Transition to Digital

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You decided to pivot to digital course materials in support of student affordability and your institution’s mission. Excellent!

Your new content strategy is taking shape. You lined up your stakeholders, targeted learning outcomes, and integrated with your LMS and SIS to lay the foundation for the benefits that lay ahead. You’ve even pinpointed a date on the calendar for your digital migration. You are on your way.

But what are some of the things that happen in the background to ensure that your transformation to digital content goes smoothly?

To find out, I caught up with Sally Blake. One of Ed Map’s…


The American Women’s College at Bay Path University Spotlight: Achieving an OER-First Strategy

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Making a paradigm shift in education requires forward thinking. The ability to navigate the multi-verse of course material options available and leverage internal and external partnerships makes a significant difference.

That’s just what The American Women’s College at Bay Path University did when they developed its Social Online Universal Learning (SOUL) educational model to support nontraditional women learners. This new learning approach is comprised of adaptive technology, virtual learning communities, and data-driven strategies to tailor instruction and foster student success.

The American Women’s College’s Dr. Maura Devlin, Deputy Chief Learning Officer, and Jeremy Anderson, Deputy Chief of Academic and Administrative Technology,…


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