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The American Women’s College at Bay Path University Spotlight: Achieving an OER-First Strategy

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Making a paradigm shift in education requires forward thinking. The ability to navigate the multi-verse of course material options available and leverage internal and external partnerships makes a significant difference.

That’s just what The American Women’s College at Bay Path University did when they developed its Social Online Universal Learning (SOUL) educational model to support nontraditional women learners. This new learning approach is comprised of adaptive technology, virtual learning communities, and data-driven strategies to tailor instruction and foster student success.

The American Women’s College’s Dr. Maura Devlin, Deputy Chief Learning Officer, and Jeremy Anderson, Deputy Chief of Academic and Administrative Technology,…


Discovery: You Have Data. Now What?

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It feels like the pressure is on to make more and better use of all the data available to your institution. Data analysis is becoming a best practice.

But there’s a flood of information to gather: from tuition payment transactions to student enrollment numbers, to where and how students are accessing their course materials. And although data is playing a more significant role in helping shape the higher-ed decision-making process to improve outcomes for students, it also highlights the question of who will intervene to help students and when. With all this data available it’s like drinking from a firehose.



6 Tips to Curate Comprehensive Instructional Materials for Student Success

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Developing an effective online course can be a bit challenging. Taking into account multiple factors – the nature of the content, the characteristics of your learners, and the role of the school community in shaping learning. You’re a pro, but it’s not always easy. And to truly find success, a newly minted online course requires a strong score (13 points to be exact) on the Quality Matters Instructional Materials Rubric.

But wait. “What is Quality Matters? Rubric?”, You may ask. Well, let’s level set for a minute.

A Quality Matters refresher:

With online learning, everyone has a goal. Learners need…


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