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6 of the Biggest Surprises When Making the Shift to Digital

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Ah, it’s August 29th

For many colleges and universities, this marks a pretty big milestone on the calendar. You started the year in January and committed to making the pivot to digital content in support of student affordability and success. Identifying key stakeholders, targeting learning outcomes, and understanding your infrastructure to set the foundation for the benefits that lay ahead.

Move into April and May, and your focus turned to implementation planning. The pieces started to fall into place, and your team rowed hard to make sure nothing was missed. Then the communication went out, and you kicked into high gear…


From the Experts: How to Scale up OER and Digital Resources at Your Institution


You’ve successfully started the shift toward digital and open educational resources (OER) at your institution. Your faculty is all on board, and your students love the cost savings. The few courses you started with are now sailing along.

But you might be asking, “How do I scale this initiative up across campus?”

It’s a great question. Which prompted us to pull together a panel of academic experts for our webinar: Scaling Digital and OER for Maximum Benefit. Hosted by the Online Learning Consortium. Below is a short video highlighting their insights and tips to help you take the next step toward…


Press Release: Ed Map Renews Partnership With Bridgepoint Education


Nelsonville, OH, July 26, 2017 – Ed Map announces that it has renewed its partnership with Bridgepoint Education, Inc. a publicly held, provider of postsecondary education services based in San Diego, California which owns Ashford University. Partnered since 2009, Ashford University and Ed Map have focused on providing the most effective solutions to providing students resources in order to support Ashford University’s mission and prepare students for success.

“Ashford University is committed to student success and innovation, and it’s a privilege for us to continue our work with them.” says Ed Map President and COO Kerry S. Pigman. “Our goal…


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