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Press Release: Ed Map Renews Partnership With Bridgepoint Education


Nelsonville, OH, July 26, 2017 – Ed Map announces that it has renewed its partnership with Bridgepoint Education, Inc. a publicly held, provider of postsecondary education services based in San Diego, California which owns Ashford University. Partnered since 2009, Ashford University and Ed Map have focused on providing the most effective solutions to providing students resources in order to support Ashford University’s mission and prepare students for success.

“Ashford University is committed to student success and innovation, and it’s a privilege for us to continue our work with them.” says Ed Map President and COO Kerry S. Pigman. “Our goal…


Thomas Edison State University Spotlight: A Shared Vision to Increase the Value of Educational Content

Mark Christensen blog spotlight

Creating content that supports learning is no easy task. There is an abundance of emerging content options out there, and offering students and instructional staff a wider, more advanced selection supports your institution’s mission: provide engaging and affordable course materials to meet your students’ needs. It’s a big job.

Here at Ed Map, we understand it’s a heavy lift. And so does Matt Cooper, Associate Provost, at Thomas Edison State University’s Center for Learning and Technology. As one of the first schools in the country designed specifically for adult learners, the University continues to cater to the market by…


10.3.16 Higher Ed Weekly Read: Articles Worth Reviewing

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Here are some industry articles that caught our eye recently.

Meritocracy in Obama’s Gilded Age. “But the problem with Obama’s story is not only that it blinds us to the structural inequality generated by higher education. The story also makes it difficult to appreciate what’s worth defending about even our deeply flawed university system.”

How “Working From Home” Became “Just Working.” “The shift away from the office being the default place where work happens has its plusses and minuses. On the minus side, we have totally demolished the zone between work and home. We are always working….


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