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Discovery: 3 Tips to Make Negotiating Partner Contracts Easier

Ed Map Partner Contracts

So, you’re the person at your institution tasked with working with a wide variety of course material vendors. From publishers and digital content providers to EdTech companies, each has its own unique requirements and specific way of doing business. There are many moving parts. Which means you have plenty of things to juggle, keep track of, and not let fall through the cracks when negotiating a contract. Geez, it can feel overwhelming.

Working with multiple partners with different contract terms is a big job. How do you keep it all straight?

It’s a question I…


Rethinking the Content Supply Chain

Rethinking Supply Chain blog graphic

The pace of change in course materials has accelerated; it’s certainly an exciting time. More and more students expect content to be available at their fingertips right when they need it. These digital natives are increasingly comfortable with digital course materials, and digital course materials are becoming more available.

At the same time, new content options and pricing models are emerging. Publishers and content providers are creating engaging, adaptive, and personalized learning options. They are innovative with their pricing models to make content more affordable. Also, there are new entrants into the market who are creating content, and Open Education…


Discovery: How APIs Connect Your Business Systems – Free and Easy!

Discover blog graphic API

One of the most exciting and revolutionary technical innovations today is the application programming interface (API). APIs are used to connect one software application to another.

You use APIs every day without even realizing it. For example, when reserving a table at a restaurant online, booking travel, or posting a pic across social media, you almost certainly did it with the help of an API. It all happens in the background automatically. Very cool stuff.

But how do API integrations support education technology? It’s a question I put to Nikole Morris, one of Ed Map’s expert Solutions…


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