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Can You Scale Up OER? Of Course You Can.

Scale OER

You’re on the cutting edge, and you see the benefits of open educational resources (OERs) in a few courses at your institution, but it’s not enough. You think it’s time to take it to the next level and offer more students an affordable course materials option with an improved learning experience.

But you ask, how do you scale up OER?

To help, we reached out to Jeremy Anderson, Deputy Chief of Academic and Administrative Technology at The American Woman’s College at Bay Path University to participate in our webinar “I Know OER, Now How…


Discovery: The Campus Bookstore Model Is Broken. Why?

Discover blog graphic Openvue broken bookstore model

We all know the campus bookstore and being shocked at the top sticker price of course materials. The prices seem like they continue to rise year after year. Students are in a tight spot. Either pay the high price, turn elsewhere to the open market, or not buy at all. The dilemma puts students and the institution at risk.

It’s becoming harder to ignore — the campus bookstore model is broken and the days of high-priced course materials are coming to an end.

To find out why I checked in with Sarah Riddlebarger our Vice President of Product and…


Ed Map’s Predictions for 2018: The Changing Landscape of Course Materials

New Year 2018

The new year is off to a great start!

2018 is poised to bring new ways to connect students to the learning experience. From a multiverse of course material options like eTextbooks or freely available Open Educational Resources (OER), there are many possibilities on the horizon for institutions. The opportunity to provide learner-centered, affordable, and up-to-date content is right in line with how we see the upcoming year shaping up. It’s an exciting time!

Here at Ed Map, we tapped into our expertise and looked into our crystal ball to put together our list of predictions for 2018. Check…


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