Ed Map’s Business Model:
Platform as a Service (PaaS)

To better align with the interests of our customers to keep course materials affordable, Ed Map has introduced a revolutionary new business model for distributing course materials. Rather than marking up the price of books and digital course materials, Ed Map now provides OPENVUE® Platform as a Service (PaaS), separating the cost of content from the true costs of providing the course materials and related services to institutions and students.

Students win from lower costs of course materials. Institutions benefit from predictable costs based only on services used. Faculty maintains academic freedom while helping students save money. Everybody enjoys the efficiency of OPENVUE’s integration with campus systems for management, distribution, analytics and reporting.

Ed Map’s PaaS Business Model Supports a Healthy Content Ecosystem



It’s high touch and high impact. Our revolutionary business model underscores our commitment to align with the interests of the community that we serve.

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