Ed Map Support Services

ASMImageInstitutional Support Services

are provided by a dedicated team led by an academic support manager  who provide: tightly-managed project plans for each term; course  materials list (CML) management support; course material adoption planning and revision assistance; online bookstore management; project management for digital and print-on-demand migration; and, routine fulfillment metrics. Designated representatives from the inventory management, eLearning support, and accounting support teams fill out the comprehensive services provided.

Student SupportStudent Support Services

are provided by our call center’s student support team. Representatives provide inbound email and call support; assistance with placing orders and following up on orders; support for shipping issues including UPS exceptions and claims; Tier 1 and 2 technical support for online bookstores; and, Tier 1 technical support for eTextbooks and for other questions involving members of Ed Map’s Integrated Content Network.

WarehouseWarehouse Fulfillment Services

Even though the use of digital course materials is increasing, many institutions still offer print course materials. Ed Map’s warehouse services can help support institutions as they undertake the transition from print to digital. Ed Map’s facility is centrally located close to the warehouses of major publishers. Our location also enables shipments using UPS ground service to reach 67% of the US population within two to three days. Warehouse fulfillment services include: inventory procurement and management of inventory levels; pick, pack and ship activities from segmented, client-specific inventory so another institution cannot run down your inventory; double-check packing process; and, cross-dock capabilities to receive & ship the same time/day.

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